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Anavar was the original U.S. product name for the oral growth stimulant known as oxandrolone, which was previously made back in 1964 by a pharmaceutical company known as Searle.  It was created to be a mild anabolic, one that could be made safely and used as a growth hormone in children.  Some people assume that the word “steroid”, will slow the growth process.   Truthfully, it is the extra estrogen that is made by most of the steroids, and also that is factor as to why women stop growing much quicker than men.

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The compound known as oxandrolone does not aromatize, so the anabolic effect will speed up the growth process. This drug was at one time used to help treat the effects of osteoporosis.  However, negative opinions began to surface around using steroids in the early to1980’s.  Writing prescriptions for oxandrolone were beginning to decline, which led to its complete overhaul by Searle in 1989.  They took the product off the shelves of U.S. pharmacies until later part of this year. These new capsules now have the product name Oxandrin, now it’s formulated to help treat HIV related symptoms.  Anavar is a slow anabolic with moderate androgenic methods.  The reason for the slower androgenic activity is because it is derived from dihydrotestosterone or DHT for short. One might assume that with the added component of DHT, it would make the steroid a bit more androgenic.

On the contrary it actually turns it into a less intensive stimulant.  It already has a 5-alpha reduced enzyme which prohibits the ability to interact with it and transform it to a more passive form.   Oxandrolone has an equal level of potency in the muscle tissue and the androgenic tissue, the scalp, the skin cells and the prostate glands.  This steroid does work pretty well with enhancing physical strength, and muscle mass.  Bodybuilders use this steroid as a shortcut in their training exercises.  They typically use steroids when they’re having trouble retaining water.

  The normal dosage that men take is usually 20-50mg a day, which is the regular rate that should show results pretty rapidly. It can be used with other anabolic drugs such as Primobolen and Winstrol.  By doing so it will create a more toned and defined appearance without the use of water. This process also helps aide in fat reduction, and allows the physical to show more efficiently.  Taking low dosages of this drug will have very little interference with the production of testosterone.  However, taking it at higher levels could decrease the flow of testosterone, and may require post cycle therapy to restore the damage.

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